How Does a Treatment Work?


Acupuncture is implemented by placing very fine, sterile needles at strategic points on the body called acupuncture points.These points are located along pathways of energy or meridians where Chi flows. In Chinese medicine Chi is the vital force that enlivens every cell. As Chi flows naturally through our bodies it gives us the energy needed to live and thrive. When this flow of energy is blocked, illness can manifest. An acupuncture treatment unblocks the energetic obstruction that causes illness and brings the body into a state of health and balance. The needles used are hair-thin, sterile and disposed of after each use.



How Many Treatments are Needed?

The number of treatments will vary from person to person. Similar to physical therapy and exercise, acupuncture treatments are cumulative. Some people experience immediate relief while others may take months of regular weekly or biweekly treatments to achieve desired results. Chronic conditions usually take longer to resolve than acute ones. Each treatment is tailored to individual constitution and needs. Acupuncture is universally used as a stress reduction modality, is very beneficial for health maintenance and seasonal “tune-ups” replenishing ones vial life-force or energy. Some people feel energized after their acupuncture treatment while others may feel relaxed.



What Types of Modalities Are Used?

Modalities: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese-style acupuncture, Five Spirit Alchemical Acupuncture and Acupuncture Physical Medicine.

Nutrition: Incorporating Chinese medicine nutritional guidelines, cutting-edge nutrition (raw food, super food, metabolic typing, food-based supplementation, detox protocols using nutrient dense foods and herbs, super herbs to boost the immune system, improve bone health, hormonal balance, and longevity).


Energy Healing: Qigong, Therapeutic Touch (TT), tuning forks and prayer bowl sound for healing and balancing chakras, guided imagery, Reiki, (trained with Belleruth Naperstack), breathwork, Heartmath, pranayama, affirmations (based on Louise Hay's work; specific to individual’s disharmony and physical symptoms), Emotional Freedom Technique or Meridian Tapping based on model of integrating energetics of Acupuncture points and Western (and Easterns) model of psychology.

Seasonal Food Therapy: Nutrient dense foods are used to cleanse body and eliminate toxins to reset your hormones and metabolism.

Coaching: Individualized and online consult.

Ongoing Classes: Vibrant life workshops on nutrition, stress reduction and optimal living.







Treatment Fees

FERTILITY Acupuncture Treatments

"you have to prepare the soil to plant the seed"

Chinese proverb


New Patient Basic Fertility Consultation and Treatment: $140

  • ​Detailed intake, Acupuncture treatment  
    Duration:  70 minutes

Follow-up Fertility Oriented Acupuncture Treatments: $100 

  • Duration: 50-60 minutes

New Patient Comprehensive Fertility Consultation and Treatment: $210

  • ​Detailed intake, Acupuncture treatment, fertility nutritional consultation, nutraceutical consult based on years of studying and researching cutting edge science on nutrition and supplementations specific for fertility enhancing and supportive of sperm and egg quality. Also you will be taught various daily practices for stress reduction techniques and breath work, suggestions in life style changes to improve the pregnancy outcome as well abdominal massage techniques as well as a complete acupuncture treatment based on the most researched/successful acupuncture protocols.  
    Duration: 100 minutes


New Patient Fertility Comprehensive Coaching Gold package: $350 (Includes one comprehensive consultation and treatment plus two 30-minute support sessions by phone, spread over 4 weeks)

  • A specific support on all levels of body, mind spirit, great for those who are looking to prepare their body for a healthy pregnancy and healthy child. As well as in depth support and coaching for those struggling with infertility and IUI or IVF, based on my years of experience as an embryologist and researcher in this field as well as my training in wholistic Fertility approaches with The Fertile Soul and more. Great for patients who life far away and can not come for regular treatments.



Phone or Skype Fertility Coaching and consulting: $175/ per 60 minute session or $90/ per 30 minute session

  • Great for out of state patients/clients or abroad  who seek guidance to their fertility from a wholistic approach in both perspective of Eastern Medicine and Functional Medicine approach as well as based on my many years of being an Embryologist at UCONN Fertility center. This  consult is a very informative session based on wholistic and traditional medicines as well as functional medicine approach to guide you in optimizing your pregnancy rate naturally, as well as supporting you in navigating your IVF or IUIs with less stress and more confidence. This is particularly supportive as you are going through your IVF cycles and have important questions regarding navigating this process with ease and getting support in making the best decision for yourself. 

AlCHEMICAL 5-spirit Healing Acupuncture

Initial Alchemical Acupuncture -  $175

      "There is no problem only an                       opportunity      to      grow!"  

  • A unique approach based on teachings of Lorie Dechar/5-Spirit Alchemical healing. In this transformative 90 minute session using five-spirit / five-element style of acupuncture to support your deep life transformation. This process is an integration of Taoist alchemical principles and Western depth psychology, using tools of Active Imagination, Felt Sense, Meditation, Visualization, Dreams, Astrological signs and aArchetypes in addition to Chinese medicine, using Sound Healing, Flower essences and Essential Oils. Here the chaos/disharmony in one's life is looked as an opportunity for profound transformative healing and growth, where the practitioner and patient are both actively engaged. Alchemical acupuncture focuses on looking beyond the impasse to bring you closer to your wholeness/Tao/true authentic nature. 

Follow up Alchemical Acupuncture- $140

70 mn, continuing of this magical healing journey as it unfolds.

All Other Acupuncture Treatments - 

​Follow up Acupuncture  Treatments -  $135

  • 60 min


Comprehensive Consult and Acupuncture - $150

  • includes nutrition and healthy life style coaching, adapted from cutting edge science on whole system nutrition and healing to support your healing process more rapidly 

  • 90 min


Comprehensive Body Work Acupuncture, with 2 or more of Cupping, Bleeding, Gua Sa, Tuina, E-stem - Starts at $135 

  • 75 mn or longer

Phone or Skype Whole Health nutrition consult and/or Weight loss Consultation: $150/ per 60 minute session or $80/ per 30 minute session

  • Based on my years of researching, experimenting and studying whole system nutrition. Based on Chinese Medicine and functional medicine approaches to guide you to optimal health and and or Wt loss as well as guide you to the right practitioners based on your complexity. These sessions are also geared to teach and guide you rather than tell you what to do, so you can skillfully learn how to navigate and upgrade your physical vibration by learning to work with your body as a laboratory that is unique to you and different from any other body. Food is information, and we now know certain foods trigger longevity genes and invite rapid healing.

Pre and Post-Embryo Transfer Acupuncture Treatments



AT MY OFFICE-Pre and Post-Embryo Transfer (ET) at office: Two treatments, $130.00/treatment ($260.00 for both treatments)



ONSITE- Pre and Post-Embryo Transfer (ET) at IVF Center (CARS): $190.00/treatment ($380.00 both treatments)



AT MY OFFICE-Weekend and Holiday Pre and Post-Embryo Transfer: Two treatments, $160.00/treatment ($320.00 for both treatments)



ONSITE-Weekend and Holidays at CARS IVF Center Pre and Post ET: $225.00/treatment ($450.00 for both treatments)



The above treatments are based on the Paulus Study, which showed that acupuncture treatments right before and after embryo transfer (ET) improved pregnancy rates, in comparison to patients who did not add acupuncture on their transfer day.

IF your Pre and Post is approaching soon and you would like to get the Pre and Post-treatment at my office without doing a first consult, or there is not enough time to schedule one, there is an additional $50 fee for first time patients.



*Insurance billing is offered in the form of Superbilling. You will be provided with paperwork including procedural and diagnosis codes at the time of your visit. If your insurance covers Acupuncture, by mailing this to your insurance company you are eligible for direct reimbursement.

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