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 My work at Acupuncture Tree of Life is to support you exactly where you are at this moment 

- regardless of your signs and symptoms, by optimizing the healing capacity that already exists within you - I do this through the use of Chinese Medicine. At its core, Chinese Medicine is about removing blockages/imbalances and harmonizing your energetic flow. I weave together various styles of Acupuncture, such as TCM, Japanese style, and Five Spirits Alchemical Acupuncture which is rooted in mystical alchemical traditions. Bringing my knowledge of holistic and Functional medicines together to create a unique treatment protocol that serves you and your unique path of life.

Acupuncture Close Up

I highly recommend Helen, she’s truly gifted and extremely knowledgeable. She also has a very sweet caring , motherly presence and on a higher level of spirituality in which she’s gives off good , comfort vibes. Many blessings to her gifts , blessings whom hath touched her soul to bless others and guide others into another level. I truly admire and love her! Again , I highly recommend her services. Blessings to the most high.


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