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My goal at Acupuncture Tree of Life is to support you wherever you are, with the tools that I have gathered through- in order spark the healing capacity that is already within you. I do this using acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and my years of experience with weaving together practices from western medicine and holistic medicine. 


What our Patients are saying:

"To be perfectly honest, I was not a true believer until it happened to me...


At 39, I was unable to conceive a third child. I was feeling frustrated, hopeless and sad. My cycle was non-existent. My body seemed to have forgotten how to ovulate, and I was struggling to accept early menopause, which I assumed was just around the corner. Then I found Helen. With Helen's gentle guidance and acupuncture treatments, things started to change. I first regained my cycle, and the became pregnant with healthy identical twin boys a year later. My husband and I are still reeling with delight.


Helen is bright, insightful and skilled. Her gentle style made it all seem so easy and natural - even for an anxious person like myself!


I thank Helen for helping me to identify my strengths and my weaknesses, and to embrace them both. She is a true healer, and I am forever thankful."

— A. Kelly

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