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May I conceive with ease And have a healthy child

May I conceive with ease

And have a healthy child


This segment is on “Tapping For Fertility”

What is Tapping?

Tapping, like patting and shaking is part of an ancient Chinese Medicine practice called

chi gong.

In tapping where one taps along meridians and on acupuncture points in an effort to stimulate that energy system. These practices create a vibration. Tapping on acupoints can be considered a form of acupressure, which is stimulating energy points along specific pathways on the body, called meridians. Similar to Acupuncture its purpose is to move and stimulate chi/life force, to upgrade the vibration of your energy, or in simple terms to energize you!

Chi gong, a practice that is deeply rooted in a 5000 year old ancient Chinese Medicine, is a body, mind, breath focus practice. It is similar to Yoga practice that has come from Ayurvedic Medicine. Chi gong translates as cultivation of Chi or working with Chi/life force, and the focus is to energize, vitalize and upgrade your body by moving chi/energy and removes blockages.

In Chi gong practice we sometimes add tapping and patting on certain acupuncture points or patt along the body’s certain meridian . Some Chi gong practices involves shaking or moving our whole body, similar to dancing wildly, and its always accompanied by mindful intentional deep breathing and therefore is an energetic treatments!!

Chi is defined as your life force; a living energy/what enlivens us, it sustains life and nourishes all the organs and cells. We are born with it and when we die we are devoid of life force. Think of Chi as our currency of aliveness. There are days you are very tired, you can say I have low energy (low Chi) and other days you are very energetic, you can say I feel so alive( vibrant Chi).

Think about how you feel when you massage an area on your body that feels very tight (stagnant energy), and how you feel so open and fluid after having received a massage. Just as you can move blood and lymphatic along the body by massaging the area yourself or by a practitioner. You can also think of Chi gong as a practice to move and energize your life force.

As we have moved into an era of integrality of various healing systems, tapping on acupuncture points along energy Meridians has been paired or combines with using various healing phrases or positive affirmations as a self help method to help clear emotional blockages and to reduce stress. What this way of tapping does, it breaks the circuit of where we are stuck in a gerber wheel of that emotional discomfort.

This has resulted in the birth of various method of tapping practices such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Meridian Tapping Therapy (MTT), and the Tapping Solution, to name a few. You can find much information online about these practices and they can be effectively used to help reduce stress, anxiety, depression as well as helping to assist with pain and weight loss. There are now over a hundred studies that show various improvements using this practice.

One can think of these practices as like Emotional or psychological Acupressure technique, it can calm the mind and may help heal and release negative emotions and optimize emotional health. By pairing that stressful emotion with soothing stimulation of an energy point, that tells the limbic system that the stressful thought or situation is not a threat to your survival in the here now, and interrupts the circuit of rumination.


Tapping For Fertility-

In my treatments for fertility patients I often use tapping as a way to help with the range of emotions particularly impatience but also disappointment and hopelessness, fear, guilt and anger/frustration that may arise when going through fertility treatments or when the couples are stressed out trying naturally. Our reproductive system is a yin system, which means everything takes time, a whole 28-30 day cycle will have to pass and do its work before one knows if they are pregnant. In today’s technology dependent world, more than ever we are used to instant results. This is not the way of nature and our bodies, as the famous Chinese Medicine proverb says it well; “ just as you have to prepare the soil to plant the seed, so you have to prepare the body for conception”

I teach Tapping in a three different ways, you can choose which is the best match for you. Feel free to try each of them to see what works best!

One. You can tap by itself with deep breath work as a meditative treatment and stimulating your chi/ energy

Two. You can tap and simply bring presence to what thoughts and emotions are arising, while your focus is on tapping and your breath

Three. You can tap, tune in to your emotional problems and say a healing/affirming /grounding phrase.

Here are the chosen points that are most commonly used, the pressure is a very gentle rhythmic tapping/patting and shouldn’t be uncomfortable and if for any reason triggers discomfort just stop doing it, and look up my video or google others. There is no order to the points, however you can go as followed from top to bottom:

Top of your head

area between your eyebrows

along your eyebrows ridges

under your eyes

under your nose

under your lips/chin

under your neck in midline on your clavicle/ mid-chest area

under your arms

Along your small finger or on the wrist

Sometimes it’s encouraged to tap in front of the mirror as you say the affirmations!

As with all self help practices, it’s your responsibility to take care of yourself and that these practices are not to replace your doctors/therapists visits, these are just mere tools to improve emotional health and reduce stress and support you in your journey.

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