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Box Breathing

Stress is part of our daily life, and while we can not stop stressors, we can use various tools to help us respond better to the stress in our life. As many of you are going through the fertility workups you may want to try this easy breath work to support you!

I often teach my patients to do this as they are on the treatment table for acupuncture.

The science behind this breathwork: when you expand your lungs slowly, the vagus nerve signals on release of acetylcholine, slowing your heart rate, which in turns calms your nervous system.

Do this whenever you:

  • Are feeling frazzled and about to lose your cool

  • Cannot fall asleep

  • Have many deadlines

  • Feel worry and fear are dominating

  • Feel frustrated and having a hard time making simple decisions -feeling revved up

  • Cannot focus

  • Feel anxious

  • Are stuck in foggy thinking

Cheers to calm and peace of mind!

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