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Welcome to my Blog!

I am excited to share my passion about nutrition, Detox protocols and food preparations. I am offering exciting detoxes to share with you with beginning of each season. Why Detox? Our cells do that all the time, take in the nutrients and let go of waste. Just like when we inhale and exhale...take in Oxygen and let go of CO2.

Are you feeling sluggish? Low energy?

Do have a hard time falling asleep?

Do you have aches and pains?

Do you feel foggy, depressed at times or having a hard time feeling joy?

Do you suffer from bloating? GI issues?

Do you gain weight easily and have difficulty loosing the XS weight?

Then you may want to start with one day a week eating a light meal for dinner like a veggie soup or a salad. If that feels easy to do, you may want to look into doing a cleanse or detox with an experienced practitioner. There are many books on the subject and basically all start with removing the common inflammatory foods first (like Gluten, dairy, sugar, coffee, alcohol, corn and soy) and then adding clean plant base whole foods. Some Detox program incorporate clean animal base protein, but all have ONE thing in common, LOTS OF GREEN LEAFY VEGGIES!


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