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Fertility Enhancing Acupuncture and Pregnancy Support

There are numerous studies that highlight how Acupuncture can help with conception, improve hormonal balance, brings on ovulation, increase uterine artery pulsatility, increase pregnancy rates, and reduce miscarriage rates.

When used in conjunction with IVF, acupuncture not only helps with increasing pregnancy rates, but helps women respond better to meds with fewer side effects to the hormones given during the IVF, IUI or Embryo transfer cycles.  Acupuncture is also a great support during pregnancy, later for labor support and or a breech baby, and into the postpartum phase. 


Our fertility treatment packages aim to support you on all levels of body, mind, spirit. Great for those who are looking to prepare their body for a healthy pregnancy and healthy child.

Treatments with me provide in depth support and coaching for those struggling with infertility and IUI or IVF, based on my own extensive experience as an embryologist and researcher in this field as well as my training in wholistic Fertility approaches with The Fertile Soul and more.


We offer pre and post-embryo transfer treatments.

Acupuncture Tools

Acupuncture for pain, physical function, and chronic conditions

Although Acupuncture is often sought after to help with pain, it can also help with many other health issues such as chronic conditions, allergies, digestive issues. Click to learn more about the function, science, and effectiveness of acupuncture

Acupuncture is a time tested medicine that is part of the traditional Chinese medical system. It is considered one of the safest medicines and has been in existence for thousands of years. It is also one of the fastest growing holistic medicines that western medical practitioners train in. This effective form of healthcare has evolved into a complete and holistic medical system. The goal of Eastern medicine is to find the pattern of disharmony and the root cause, and resolve the imbalance by treating the whole body. This allows the innate healing mechanism of the body to work optimally and encourages the body to heal. 

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Alchemical Acupuncture and Transformational Healing

A transformational healing       


In this form of Acupuncture treatment - your signs and symptoms - be it physical, mental, or emotional, are looked at as a doorway to the mysteries of the inner psyche, spirit and self.  During treatments, I hold space with a deep presence through the lens of 5-Spirits Acupuncture to create a sacred field that we navigate together. As your symptoms improve using acupuncture treatments, you begin to re-discover your purpose and tap into your wholeness.


"the wound is where the light enters" -Rumi


I use many tools such as focusing, guided imagery and breath work, energy work, sound healing, aromatherapy, dream work, shadow work and use of archetypes as a doorway to help you on your journey to self discovery and wholeness. This form of inner work leads to a superb healing transformation that reverberates beyond your interpersonal field, to your community, family and the collective.

This activates the changes you are desiring in your life, so you live life more fully and more passionately as it has been your true nature all along. 


Inner work and healing leads to outer change...


A transformational Acupuncture, Alchemical Acupuncture is a system of healing that uses the 5-element and 5-spirit ancient teachings of Chinese Taoist philosophy as its major road map. Alchemical acupuncture was developed by my mentor and teacher Lorie Dechar, L.Ac. Its goal is to support your wholeness, as you evolve into a more unique expression of your Tao, your true purpose in life unfolds and your life becomes more meaningful and sacred regardless of what symptoms you came for. 


Especially if you find yourself dealing with the same issues that keep repeating themselves and you feel very stuck in moving forward, alchemical healing allows you to look deeper inward to heal the root cause.

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