Detox & Weight Loss

Here are some astonishing stats on what we average Americans eat per year:

53 gal of Soda

29 lbs of Fries

23 lbs  of Pizza

24 lbs of Ice Cream

24 lbs of Artificial Sweetners


Bridging awareness and education are the first steps toward healthier habits of eating, optimal self-care and vital health.  


“Let food your medicine and medicine thy food.”




My Journey


In the past 21 years I have been very curious and passionate about nutrition. It all started when I was pregnant with my youngest child while working in research at UConn. I had some pregnancy complications and that led me to look into healthier habits in nourishing myself. Later I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and that led me to do alot of research and experimantaion to find ways to heal myself. Through these learnings I tried vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic, nourishing tradition, raw, paleo and many other healing traditions using food as medicine. Later I studied BED and GAPS diet as a way to heal the gut. All this helps me support my patients in their journey.


In acupuncture school I learned about Chinese Medicine's philosophy of using food as medicine. We are encouraged to live and eat with seasons and in harmony with our body type, similar to Ayurvedic Medicine. In the past seven years I have integrated new evidence based approaches to nutrition and learned and experimented with raw living foods, whole foods and using nutrient dense foods to clean our body from daily toxins we are exposed in our environment and by our choices.


Since research and experimentation is always part of the way I learn, I did a lot of learning and experimenting with different detox and cleanse and food protocols from Macrobiotic, to raw food to Paleo reading and doing Wheat Belly Diet, Grain BrainClean Program, The Virgin Diet by JJ Virgin, The GAPS Diet and the Body Ecology Diet, Tree of Life Raw Foods to reverse diabetes, Sara Gottfried's Hormone Balancing and The Metabolic Typing Diet and much more...I came to a simple conclusion that...Yes we are what we eat! 

  • Food is fuel and information to our cells!

  • Some of us thrive on being vegetarian and some need clean animal protein

  • Each of us is unique and so our needs are different

  • Our nutritional needs change with our age and stages of life

  • Only you can really tell what is best nutritional approach for you, based on how you feel and how your blood work is looking, however you may need some guidance and support to get there

  • But if we have years of eating (Standard American Diet) SAD, processed foods, full of preservatives and depleted of nutrients, we may not be in tune with our innate capacity to know what foods bring us to our optimal health, this intuition becomes sharper as you eat more whole foods.



What is Detox?


A Detox is basically taking a pause...a rest. It’s similar to when we take our car for a tune up or oil change. Skipping a tune up can damage our engine! It’s the same for our bodies. Our bodies do that somewhat every night, but often that is not enough in our toxic environment, add to that years of unhealthy habits taking a toll on our health. We are living in an age where technology is moving very fast yet we have not incorporated our new cutting edge information on nutrition to our daily intake and most of us still eat the same old ways that do not serve us and support our health.


One of the major side effects of these detox is weight loss as well as increased energy. Many people experience some of their chronic symptoms like IBS, aches and pains, anxiety and depression disappearing.


So a detox or a cleanse period can fine-tune our innate intuition as to what is best for us! This process helps balance our body so our innate capacity to heal is strengthened.


Putting all my research and learning and experimenting  together, I have compiled five detox and cleanse cycles throughout the year based on Five Elements Chinese Medicine that I offer in the beginning of every season.

  • Metal Detox in Fall Season

  • Water Detox in Winter Season

  • Wood Detox Spring Season

  • Fire Detox in early Summer Season

  • Earth Detox in late Summer Season


I offer group and individual detox and weight loss programs and classes.


The duration for a detox varies between one, two or three weeks.

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